Detoxification And Health

The American way of life promotes stress, anxiety, toxicity, illness and obesity. All of these contribute to the numerous chronic and degenerative diseases plaguing Americans today. Our bodies are overwhelmed by the variety and quantity of toxins needing to be neutralized and removed through our normal detoxification pathways.


Where do toxins come from: A Study from 'Scientific American' revealed over 200 toxins are present in neonatal cord blood. Some studies actually show this number to be well over 400 including chemicals, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals.

We continue to add to this level of toxicity throughout our lifetime as a result of exposures at home, work, play and through the type of diet we choose to consume.  Many argue that our body is designed to eliminate these toxins naturally using our organs of detoxification and elimination.  However, the variety and quantity of toxins is overwhelming our system to the point that it has now become necessary to 'assist' our amazing body with its housekeeping chores.

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How do we detoxify: Detoxification involves many facets including but not limited to stress reduction, dietary modification, exercise, proper hydration, supplements, and therapies such as infrared sauna, massage, detox baths, ozone therapy, halotherapy, etc.  To determine which method would be the right one for you it is recommended that you consult with a natural health practitioner. All aspects of your lifestyle will be looked at to determine how best to proceed for the best possible results.

Salt Room Therapy (Halotherapy): Also known as dry salt therapy or Speleotherapy (salt cave therapy), halotherapy has been a popular complementary treatment in Eastern Europe for many generations. In recent years this therapy has made its way to North America and salt rooms are now becoming commonplace in spas, resorts and wellness centers across the country. This therapy has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, enhance relaxation, improve respiratory health and treat many skin conditions. Halotherapy requires the use of a special 'halogenerator' to send micro particles of 99% pure sodium chloride into the air which are breathed in to deliver the health benefits.


Lymphatic Electrotherapy (LET): L.E.T. is a non-invasive, gentle form of detoxification therapy designed to improve lymphatic function and flow. Using Pyrex bulbs that emit low energy plasma vibrational frequencies, L.E.T. encourages toxins, excess fluid, cellular waste and proteins which have accumulated between cells to safely exit using the body's own elimination channels. Combined with proper nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction, L.E.T. can increase your overall sense of well-being and help restore your lymphatic system to optimal function in just a few relaxing sessions.

Stress Reduction: Have you ever found yourself being sabotaged by your own thoughts? When your desires and your mind are not on the same page, success seems difficult at best. Being able to 'stay on track' with whatever program you choose to follow is important. 


There are a variety of options available for stress reduction both mentally and physically. Some of these options use binaural beats, lights and guided visualization. Others involve methods such as Yoga, Tai Chi and bio-feedback, allowing elevated cortisol levels to come back into balance resulting in an overall reduction in mental and physical stress. This is a great addition to any detoxification program. This helps with many health issues such as: insomnia, stress, addictions, weight loss, and so much more.  


Health Assessments: We offer a variety of tests and procedures used by your natural health practitioner to help identify areas of weakness, nutritional deficiencies, and to help determine the best natural therapies for you.  Some of these assessments can be performed in the office while others are done using an independent contract laboratory. 

Although you may have already had standard laboratory tests performed by your medical practitioner, they may not give you the type of information necessary to create a specific care plan for you. We may have you request that your medical provider order some additional tests or in some cases we can order them for you.

Some of the evaluations we perform may include:

 - Thermal Imaging: This preventive health screening uses a special infrared device that scans your body to determine areas of possible inflammation and imbalances. This screening allows you to see areas of potential health problems that conventional imaging methods may not identify. (see the tab on thermography for more detailed information)

- AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer: This assessment uses frequencies to assess various areas of imbalance in your body. From the Inner Voice to the Vital Scan and finally the Comprehensive analysis you will get an insight into issues that have been difficult to identify in the past. (See AO Scan in services for info.)

- NES BioEnergetix Scan: Identify energetic blockages that may be interfering with your health. We help you solve the mystery as to why your body may not be responding to your healing efforts. 

 - MetaOxy Urine Test: This urine test checks for the metabolites of inflammation in the body

 - Iodine Patch Test: A topical iodine test used to assess iodine deficiencies in the body

 - Zinc Tally Test: Used to determine possible zinc deficiency as well as mineral status

 - Cardio HRV Stress Screening: Provides a cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system screening to monitor the before and after effects of diet, lifestyle and other changes.

 - Flexibility and Coordination Assessment: designed for individuals that are looking to begin an exercise program and for those seeking to get the most from their exercise plans.

 - Iridology Evaluation: By examining the colored portion of the external eye a pattern of genetic predispositions as well as current health imbalances can be identified. (See tab on Iridology for more detailed information)

 - Naturopathic Health Assessment: consisting primarily of delving into your health, diet, lifestyle, social life and other issues, this assessment can help determine areas of your life that may be at the root of your health concerns thereby giving you a direction for improving your overall health.