Who We Are


We are Northwest Arkansas' Premier Natural Health Center.

Today's hectic lifestyle is an open invitation to disease and other physical ailments.  Prescription medications are not always providing individuals with the results they are seeking.  Immune systems are weakening and people are starting to turn to other sources for their healthcare needs...Traditional Naturopathy.  This complimentary (also referred to as 'Alternative') method of healthcare which focuses on the body's innate ability to maintain and heal itself has given many individuals new hope for obtaining and in many cases, recapturing their health.  This original form of healthcare offers preventative assessments and herbal, homeopathic, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling and natural therapies to help bring the body, mind and spirit back into a state of balance.


Naturopathy can be traced back to around 400 B.C. when used in the Hippocratic School of Medicine.  A 'Certified Traditional Classical Naturopath' specializes in wellness by teaching clients how to apply natural lifestyle approaches to facilitate the body's own natural healing and health building potential.  The Traditional Naturopath does not attempt to 'diagnose' or 'treat disease', but rather recognizes that the majority of altered health conditions are the result of cumulative lifestyle effects. These are most often related to improper diet, unhealthy habits, repeated antibiotic use, stressors and natural defenses which subsequently result in the gradual breakdown of the state of health. 


A Naturopath treats the 'whole body' (hence the term 'Holistic') with the understanding that every cell of the body is in constant communication with each other.  Our goal is to identify the cause of the problem rather than trying to cover up symptoms.  We focus on using the resources nature has provided us such as: water, heat, light, food, electricity, vibrational frequencies, color, and herbs, to enhance your quality of life.

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Detoxification For a Better Life!

A frequent mistake that most individuals (especially dieters) make is thinking that cutting calories or just changing their diet is all it takes to achieve their goals.  Though there is something to be said for "calories in vs calories out", what is more important is the quality of the food contained in those calories as well as how well they can be absorbed by the body. So in reality, 'we are what we can absorb'.

If a body is toxic from the effects of environmental exposures, poor quality nutrition, lifestyle habits, and stress, changing the diet alone will only get you so far.  When an individual loses weight without including a detoxification program as part of their plan, they are in effect increasing the concentration of toxicity in their body.  This increase in the 'body burden' will result in the body ultimately wanting to reclaim the lost weight in order to buffer the toxins contained within the body.  If you are going to put your energy into improving your health and/or lose weight, make sure you do it properly so your time and effort rewards you instead of frustrates you.

Naturopathy For Weight Loss?

When it comes to losing weight and maintaining your health, there's no better approach than one that considers safety, effectiveness, lasting effects, and overall health benefits.  Our facility carefully evaluates each and every individual in order to come up with a weight loss solution that not only fits their needs, but enhances their health at the same time.

The problem with the majority of weight loss programs on the market today is that their only goal is dropping pounds without considering other health factors.  Our programs not only help drop the pounds and lose the inches, but detoxify the body as well.  The results...overall health improvements, as well as a leaner, better sculpted body.

What About Exercise?

Did you know that the wrong type of exercise can actually make you gain weight? No weight loss or health program would be complete without an accompanying exercise program.  However, not everyone responds to exercise in the same way.  Depending on your body type your current exercise program may be stressing your body to the point of weight gain.  


At Salt of Life Natural Health we can assess your body type and make recommendations for the right type of exercise to enhance your health and weight loss efforts.