Why do people prefer our natural therapies?

When asked why our clients chose Salt of Life Natural Health, LLC for their natural therapies, the response has been pretty much the same...'Your therapies offer the latest technology with the widest range of health benefits in a relaxing environment'. 

With so much information available on the internet and so many companies trying to sell their latest 'miracle' gadget, it's very difficult for individuals to navigate towards which therapies actually provide a true health benefit.


At Salt of Life Natural Health & Thermography Center we do research  before introducing a product or modality to our health center and clients. The natural therapies offered are designed to assist the body in improving overall health in a gentle and effective way. Our clients get the feeling of having a 'spa' treatment while knowing that the effects are 'more than skin deep'

Explore some of our natural and restorative therapies

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Halotherapy:  Himalayan Salt Room therapy originated in the salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe and Russia over a century ago. It was discovered that this therapy seemed to help individuals with asthma and other respiratory issues better than the inhalation therapies they were being prescribed. Another benefit was noticed in issues related to their skin and improved immune system function. As a result, Halotherapy has developed into a natural therapy that has gained popularity in this and many other countries. Make sure that when you visit a salt room you are truly receiving these health benefits as not all salt rooms offer true Halotherapy.

AO Scan Bio-Feedback Frequency Modulation:  After having an Inner Voice, Vital Scan or Comprehensive Scan, you will be able to come in for regular Frequency Modulation sessions to make bio-energetic balances to areas of the body that were identified as being 'out of balance' on your health scans. These sessions have been described as 'centering', 'balancing' and 'healing' by our clients.

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Halotherapy Infrared Sauna (Salt Booth): A Halotherapy sauna combines the health benefits of a traditional infrared sauna cabinet with those of a halotherapy salt room. While in the sauna you will breathe in the micro-salt particles from the salt in the air which delivers an anti-inflammatory effect to the respiratory system as well as to the skin. Our low EMF infrared sauna is roomy enough to stretch out comfortably.

Infrared sauna therapy is said to be the treatment of choice for fibromyalgia due to it's ability to reduce pain and inflammation.


Ozone Steam Sauna: Medical ozone therapy has become more popular as research shows its anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits. Ozone therapy assists the body in better utilizing oxygen thus improving the immune system. By combining the benefits of a steam sauna pod while delivering ozone therapy to the open pores of the skin, the body can receive this natural healthy therapy during a comfortable session. 

A steam sauna is a good way to encourage the body to detoxify the skin and body for those individuals who do not tend to perspire in a typical dry infrared sauna.

NES BioEnergetix Scan: Are your energy pathways blocked? Would you like to solve the puzzle of your current health picture? This scan looks deep at a cellular level to help identify energetic blockages that may be keeping you from achieving optimal health. Revealing interferences from energy sources to your life journey, this safe and enlightening scan can help you get the answers you've been searching for. Once identified, blockages can be dealt with naturally.


Our Ionic Footbath is a great way to kick start the detox process. This therapy uses a special array in warm mineral rich water to generate needed negative ions which are taken into the body through the many pores on your feet. Thousands of our clients have enjoyed these sessions which they describe as providing a variety of health benefits.


Lymphatic Electrotherapy (LET): L.E.T. is a non-invasive, gentle form of detoxification therapy designed to improve lymphatic function and flow. Using Pyrex bulbs that emit low energy plasma vibrational frequencies, L.E.T. encourages toxins, excess fluid, cellular waste and proteins which have accumulated between cells to safely exit using the body's own elimination channels. Combined with proper nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction, L.E.T. can increase your overall sense of well-being and help restore your lymphatic system to optimal function in just a few relaxing sessions.

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Massage Therapy Services: Salt of LIfe Natural Health offers a variety of massages performed by Natalie Greenwood. Natalie is a Master Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. Some of the massages offered are: 

 - Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

 - Swedish Massage

 - Hot Stone Massage

 - Raindrop Therapy

 - Reflexology and much more

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